Macross Frontier: HDTV vs Blu-ray

I am impressed by Macross Frontier's broadcast HDTV-rip. When I first saw it, I thought it was the Blu-ray rip. TV-rips have come a long way.

When I got the Blu-ray rip, I was quite disappointed because it looked the same. Nope, as the following images show, they do not. The difference is very apparent for static images, but for the show, you need a large screen running at full-res to see all the details.

(The Blu-ray rip is 1280x720, which means it is 720p, not 1080p.)

2D scene

3D scene

Character scene

Although the Blu-ray rip looks sharper, it does not have a lot more details than the HDTV-rip, mainly due to the defocused background.

Part 2

Now for something more interesting: 720p vs 1080p!